Heat-expanded lightweight clay pebbles 10-20 mm

Produced in accordance with GOST 32496–2013


  • Particle-size distribution: 10-20 mm
  • Bulk density: 450 – 500 kg/m³
  • Strength quality: P100 – P125
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.14–0.16 W/(m·°C)
  • Radiation protection quality: 157 Bq/kg

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  • Heat-expanded lightweight clay pebbles are used to backfill the space between exterior and interior walls
  • Insulate flat roofs or pitched roofs with slight slopes
  • Manufacture ultra-lightweight concrete and lightweight expanded clay concrete blocks
  • Make heat insulation and sound insulation of floors and ceilings
  • Make heat insulation of foundations and reduce the required foundation depth
  • Thermal insulation of soil surface
  • Thermal insulation and drainage in earth embankments of roads, which are built on water-saturated soils
  • Landscape design

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